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Thank you for your interest in YellowStone Cattle. Below, you will find the information needed to learn more and invest.

Fill out the request form HERE

After completing the investment request survey (in step 1), you will receive a investment agreement via email in 1-2 business days. Complete and electronically sign the agreement.

Deliver a wire transfer or check made payable to “YellowStone Cattle I, LLC” for the amount subscribed (subscribed units x $3.00), plus any wire transfer fees. You can mail your check to YellowStone Cattle 1, LLC – 1300 S. Hwy 75, Pipestone, MN 56164. 

For wiring instructions, CLICK HERE. When submitting your wire request to the bank, please put a comment of your subscribed name in “additional information” so we can properly match your wire with your subscription agreement.

Email a YellowStone Letter of Assurance to Pipestone Legal at the contact information below. The Private Placement Memorandum will provide more information.

NOTE: The legal team will review your investment submission AFTER we have received your investment agreement, payment & letter of assurance. $3/head initial cash investment. $247 letter of assurance.